The Journey of Jimmy From Tech Jr.

Hello and welcome to my development blog for Able. I took charge of programming and building the game. My blog posts will show you through written texts, screenshots and videos my learning of Unity and creating a fully working game. The sections of this blog are as follows:

(Disclaimer: The most recent blog posts appear at the top of the screen).

  • Coding Development: There were a number of areas to learn and configure for the game build. I have split up these areas in the development menu and attached blog posts to their respective areas.
  • Research: This section shows initial research into game engines, how they work and what choices we made for building our game. This decision was made as a team to give the best outcome for our project.
  • Mechanics: This section shows my learning curve through Unity and how I created the basic and complex mechanics for Able. Not all mechanics were finalised and some were fixed/changed further into development.
  • Animations: This section shows how I implemented our team leader’s animations into the engine. The animator used for Able had to be changed several times along the production line.
  • Game Build and Testing: This section shows the game map sprites being put into the game and the various tests needed to get them working with the player.
  • UI: This section shows how I implemented the UI into the game engine. However, this is only a simulated and doesn’t work in co-operation with the game.
  • Lighting: This section shows the engine lighting in effect. The original light testing was carried out by Sam, then we sat down together to input the lights into my build.

Details of the game and where to find accompanying work can be found on the About section of the blog.